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Lower Operations Costs: The CFO's Role in Reducing Tech Debt in Higher Education

Technical debt is a crippling burden that severely limits higher education institutions from making faster, more meaningful progress with their IT investments. CFOs, CIOs and other senior executives must understand and account for this in order to provide better, higher quality digital experiences for their prospects, students, faculty and staff. 

Attendees will learn:

  • What is technical debt and how do I account for it?
  • What is the business impact of technical debt at my institution?
  • How can I align leadership keep tech debt in check?
  • What are the symptoms and the best practices needed to reverse tech debt?
  • How can I formalize tech debt as a standardized, tracked KPI?
Aimee Leishure, founding member
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Thomas Reams, EVP & CFO
Nightingale College
Wayne Bovier, CEO & Co-Founder
Higher Digital
Henry DeVries, VP, Finance & Analytics
Higher Digital


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